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Slope Support Method Shotcrete Protection

December 23, 2021


1. Applicable conditions:


①Suitable for rocky slopes with poor lithology, low strength, easy weathering, or hard rock formations that are weathered and broken, joints are developed, and the surface layer is weathered and spalled;

②When a large area of rock slope is broken due to weathering and spalling and joint cutting, or collapses or falls, it can be locally reinforced and sprayed (shotcrete) on a large area.

③For the high road cutting slope where the upper rock layer is weathered and broken, the lower rock layer is hard and complete;

④Can not withstand the pressure of the mountain, and the slope must be stable.


2. Structure requirements:


① The thickness of shotcrete should not be less than 1.5-2cm, and the thickness of shotcrete should be 3~5cm.

②In order to avoid the erosion of the slope surface water, a small intercepting ditch is set up along the outer side of the top edge of the shotcrete (sprayed concrete) slope surface.

③ Slotting on both sides of the slurry is embedded in the rock formation.

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