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6mm Aggregate 2.8m3/H Peristatic Industrial Hose Pump

6mm Aggregate 2.8m3/H Peristatic Industrial Hose Pump

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    Peristatic Industrial Hose Pump


    2.8m3/H Industrial Hose Pump

  • Capacity
  • Pressure
  • Motor
    11KW, 15kW
  • Aggregate
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Export Wooden Packing
  • Delivery Time
    10~30 Work Days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C
  • Supply Ability
    100 Sets/Per Month

6mm Aggregate 2.8m3/H Peristatic Industrial Hose Pump

KH Series High Efficiency Peristatic Pump Hose Pump For Food Industry

Industrial Peristaltic Pump Features:

1. Unique without sealing structure make it won't create any leaks.
2. Strong self-priming capacity, water absorption can reach 8 meters.
3. The pump suction fluid contact with rubber hose, only thus can transport all kinds of viscosity, density, corrosion resistance, abrasive fluid material.

4. Free exchange of suction inlet and discharge outlet. When the pump is blocked, reversing pump can discharge the obstruction.

5. High vacuum, strong self-suction capacity.

Industrial Peristaltic Pump Application:

1. Chemical: corrosive,acid,alkali,phosphate liquid,inorganic materials,crystalline liquid,suspending liquid,emulsion,resin,electroplate liquid,electrolyte solution,precipitate.

2. Agriculture: phosphate fertilizer,compound fertilizers,thick slurry, precipitated sludge.

3. Architecture: mortar,plaster,cement paste,soil slurry,silt slurry,lime slurry,foamed concrete, architectural coating, refractory,accelerator,ooze,waste water,sewage and so on.

4. Oil industry: drilling fluid,crude oil.

5. Ceramic industry: ceramic germ plasma, slip glaze, glaze materials.

6. Mining: gold pulp,tailings,thick pulp,filling materials,underground drainage,adsorbent,slurry, mortar...

7. Paper industry: paper pulp, liquid sulfur.

8. Cosmetics industry: toothpaste, emulsion, hair conditioner, face cream, facial oil.

9. Food and Beverage: oil, brew, milk, confiture, salad, syrup, chocolate.

10. Others: pharmaceutical liquid,radioactive liquid,textile auxiliary,adhesion agent,glue,latex.

Technical Parameters:

KH76C Industrial Peristaltic Pump
18000~28000 L/h
Rated pressure
1.0 MPa
40~55 r/min
Hose length
1900 mm
Max. particle dia.
6 mm
Max. suction dist.
5 m
Motor power
11.0/ 15.0 KW
Reducer type
Gear reducer
Driven power could be electric motor or diesel engine.
Various squeeze hoses are available for pumping different materials.
Customized pump is available.


 6mm Aggregate 2.8m3/H Peristatic Industrial Hose Pump 0